Jun’s and Nino’s made me felt real bad for Ohno. Aiba was just plain hilarious. 

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my dash did a thing

I won’t mind! :D


my dash did a thing

I won’t mind! :D


.their reaction after the act...

*pets pets* poor guy


Epic moment: Ohno Satoshi x The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cast

Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014.04.19

Flowers in the Shadow aka Kagehinata ni Saku


Initially watched it for Aoi Miyazaki and Okada Junichi, and so I was totally surprised how immersed I became with the story. By the end of it all, I was ugly-crying.

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Watching the trailer and reading the synopsis didn’t made me interested at first, but it got me hooked the moment I began watching and had me bawling at the end like a baby. 

I guess it was the way the characters portrayed their feelings and emotions in such a subtle yet heartfelt manner. The theme used for the progression of the story fits the title of the movie well, with the approach, land and finally departure of the typhoon. 

Not sure if the coincidences were made to be figured out that easily from the start, but with that knowledge, I was suddenly standing on a different point view as compared to the characters. Perhaps due to that, the storyline impacted even more to me. 

The final scene caused a wet soppy chuckle. Bet the directors were aiming for it. Good to end of with a happy note. 


Am I the only one thinking Ohno-san was almost crying when he got the flag in his hands ? Maybe I’m totally wrong, but the way he was moving his mouth and all…I really though he was about to cry…but maybe I’m wrong ! ♥

And I thought I was the only one who noticed. Ohno always bites his lower lips in that manner when he is about to cry. 


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